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Men’s Depression

Key findings from our research studies.


Meet the experts, hear their perspectives about men’s depression.
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Older Men

Many men find older age a challenge, and depression have been present over a lifetime or specific issues in later life can result in depressive symptoms. In talking with older men about their depression they most often talked about work and retirement as challenges as well as their thoughts about suicide.

booklet_elderlyOur article [1] addressing older men’s work, retirement and depression details how depression can impede and emerge from paid work while losses are also associated with retirement. Paul Galdas, an author of this article talks about the findings here.

Also, David Kuhl, a family physician, talks about the article [1] in relation to his work with men, and Adriaan, a man who experiences depression, talks about how work and retirement can impact depression.

Older men also spoke with us about suicide, and how they resisted taking their life despite having many losses and experiencing a great deal of grief.

John Ogrodniczuk, an author on this article, [2] talks about the findings here. John, a man who has experienced depression and suicidal thoughts also talks about specific findings in the article here.

We have summarised the findings about older men’s depression in this interactive booklet. You can read this online and many pages link to helpful videos and podcasts. You can also download the booklet, send it to a friend or e-vite others to this website.

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