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Men’s Depression

Key findings from our research studies.


Meet the experts, hear their perspectives about men’s depression.
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Our Study

We began researching men’s depression because it often goes undiagnosed and the suicide rate among men is so high. By researching men’s experiences of depression we were convinced that we could better understand how best to support men and their families as well as guide the efforts of friends, family and health care providers.

Since 2007 we have completed three studies with sub-groups of men.

College Men

funded by the MSFHR   through BCMHARN

In this study we interviewed 26 men between 19 and 28 years of age who experienced depression. The participants were attending university and our interviews focused on how depression impacted their studies and relationships as well as their coping and management strategies.

Middle-Aged Men and Their Female Partners

funded by the CIHR  

A total of 34 men and their partners participated in this study. Men were aged 19-44 years and had a diagnosis of depression or self-identified as depressed. The interviews focused on better understanding the impact of depression on the men’s relationships, treatment seeking and management strategies.

Older Men

funded by the SSHRC  

A total of 30 men between 55 and 82 years of age were interviewed about their experiences of depression in this study. Participants talked about the challenges to paid work and retirement as well as their thoughts about suicide.

The purpose of this website, also funded by CIHR  , is to make available our study findings and host conversations about men’s depression on our blog.

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