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Men’s Depression

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There are several strategies that are recommended for breaking free from depression. First of all, many people that have overcome this condition have benefited from talk therapy by a trained professional. Other individuals benefit from increasing their daily exercise because this has been associated with improving symptoms of depression. Another common self-help strategy is the […]

Why should I tell my therapist about my true feelings and emotions?

Talk therapy is a psychotherapeutic intervention provided by a trained professional, such as a psychologist, counsellor, or psychiatrist, and involves sitting down and conveying your emotions in an open-minded and supportive environment. The benefit of this support is that it helps us recognize specific triggers and may enable us to adapt our way of thinking […]


Men gripping on to the despair and anguish from depression often relinquish to a cycle of self-defeat and troublesome thoughts. By hanging on to this thin railing of hopelessness, we are not mending our sorrows. Talking to those closest to use or sharing our dark visions with a mental health professional or general practitioner is […]


Many studies suggest that increasing one’s daily aerobic physical activity can naturally improve serotonin levels in the brain, and thus, promote feelings of well-being. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter in the brain for appetite, sleep, and promotes a happy state. It is also targeted in many medicinal approaches in treating depression. Besides the researched benefits […]

What is the possible relationship between depression and eating behaviours?

There is a potential association between an eating disorder contributing to depression and vice versa. Some men with eating disorders have perfectionistic personalities, and thus, may be more prone to having eating problems if they feel inadequate with their body image. For instance, an individual that binge eats may be further perpetuating their poor mood […]

Man-Up Against Suicide Project Launch

Suicide affects all. Its aftermath extends to family, friends, colleagues and more. Have you ever wondered how others grieve and cope with their loss? Have you ever thought about those he left behind? On May 28th, 2014 conversations around these private thoughts and experiences were shared during the Vancouver launch of a photo-exhibition entitled, “Man-Up […]

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